Friday, October 30, 2009


The new Mütter Museum Online Store is ALIVE and ready to take your orders!

go to: The Mütter Museum Store


  1. Love the site and love the ribcage necklace I just bought!!!

  2. I have been feeling nostalgic about a trip we took to Philadelphia about this time last year. One of the highlights of the trip was a stop by the Mutter Museum. I had previously seen the museum on various travel type shows and was anxious to check it out for myself. I was not disappointed! The exhibits were fascinating and I Loved the museum store. Such a unique collection of gifts which prompted me to exceed my budget lol :)

    I have been checking the online store ever since we visited and finally today I was wonderfully surprised by the new website. I see several of the items I purchased last year and lots of new ones I have added to my list. Since my wife is a nurse I plan on doing some Christmas shopping here this year, and I hope to return in person soon. There's nothing like the Mutter in Oklahoma!

  3. so glad to see the mutter museum finally has a blog/online store that lives up to the name! good work!